Below: Doug Stoker - West Mersea Yacht Club ferryman c.1978 



                    Ethel Alice CK476 helmed by Tony Collett, overtaking Maud MN21

                                                      (Tollesbury Race 1979) 



              Below: MAUD MN21 and PRISCILLA share a mooring    (summer 1976)



       Above: Lee Caswell and Peter Brookes enjoying a sail in Priscilla's skiff.



 Eddie (centre) with friends Chas (left) and Mike (right) Billingsgate Race 1976. 


                                                         Waiting to lock out:

                 St. Katherines Dock (FOG ! morning after Billingsgate Race) 1976.  



               Above: Left - my '1st Mate' Terry Smith (1976), and below a model of MAUD MN21                                                         being built by Terry (2011), useing pic's from this site as a guide !.




     Masthead and Gaff (Picture on wall of MAUD painted by Sue Polden c.1976)




                                 Below: KATE CK159 having locked out of St. Katherines Dock. (Billingsgate Race 1976). 




           Below:  A.D.C  CK431 (aground) with George & Alice  CK76 behind.      

                                                      (Tollesbury Race 1979)







                                 Above:  Ethel Alice from Maud - Thames Race 1977







                                              Above: Rowhedge Regatta 1978.











                                                          Above and Below: 

      MAUD MN21 alongside A.D.C CK431 - Heybridge Basin, Maldon, Essex - 1978.



       Below: Colin Brookes on MAUD MN21 Staysail, racing with VICTORY LO111                                                                 (Tollesbury Race 1979)





                          Below: MAUD MN21 with other boats waiting to lock-in, 

                                            Heybridge Basin, Maldon, Essex c.1978




                                                          Above and Below:

         Locking-in scene of MAUD MN21 - Heybridge Basin, Maldon, Essex - c.1979






 Eddie, his Wife Pam and crew relaxing on MAUD MN21 after Tollesbury Race 1979. 


Below: "Maud" and "Priscilla" sharing the same mooring - Winter 1979.  BBRrrrrr !





                             Above and below: MAUD locking-in at Heybridge Basin,

                            assisted by Colin Brookes and Mike "Skua", winter 1979





                                 Mullet net fishing, then tie-up to the "Posts" at .......


                                   Brightlingsea hard for a Bottom 'Scrub-Off' - 1979




                        Above and below:  Waiting for the tide to go out to then 'Scrub Off'.






            OOPS !

                        Wind changed and tide turned early !!, but thanks to a

                                   local boatman MAUD was 'made safe'.




                                 Above:  Locking-in scene at Heybridge Basin.

               Below: MAUD MN21 in company with Conabor en-route to Holland !





  Below:  MAUD MN21 in Breskens Marina, Holland. (with force 8 gales outside !) 




                                 Below: VICTORY LO111 - Tollesbury Race 1978.         





     'A.D.C' with 'George & Alice'behind, overtaken by Maud ('A.D.C'aground) 

                                                          (Tollesbury Race 1979)          




                                Charlotte Ellen CK258 racing in Tollesbury Race 1979 

                                    Below:  Repairs due to Grounding on the 'Barrow'. 





                             Below:  Brightlingsea Creek scenes with Maud and Victory 1978





 2010 -"MAUD" now owned    by Gerdjan Van der Lugt ...              (Holland)                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~